# API Overview

The Zbox API is the programming interface to interact with ZboxFS, which is a encrypted virtual file system runs within application.

This API currently has of 3 language bindings:

To learn how to use this API, please visit Getting Started and Tutorials.


Similar to HTTP URL, Zbox URI is a string that identifies a particular Repo. Its syntax is as below:


zbox:// is the storage identifier which indicates we're using the Zbox cloud storage.

access_key is a 24-character string token for API access authtication. It is not the key to encrypt/decrypt repo, but still need to be kept safe.

repo_id is an unique 14-character string identifier of a Repo.

How to get URI

To get an URI, first sign up at zbox.io and create a repo. Then goto the repo details page and copy its URI.

If you don't want sign up for now, you can create a temporary test repo on zbox.io/try, it will be valid to use for 48 hours.

URI can include a list of local cache configuration options, which may have different values depends on underlying storage.

  • cache_type

    Specify local cache storage type, acceptable values are:

    1. mem: Memory based local cache. This is the default value.
    2. file: OS file based local cache. Must also set base directory (see below) when this is specified. This is not available in browser.
    3. browser: IndexedDB based local cache. Only available in browser.
  • cache_size

    Specify the maximum size of local cache, in MB. Default is one megabyte.

  • base

    Specify the OS directory of file local cache, can be relative or absolute path. Only valid when cache_type is file.

Some URI Examples:

// 1MB memory based local cache

// 3MB memory based local cache

// 1MB file based local cache at './local_cache' directory

// 3MB file based local cache at './local_cache' directory

// 1MB browser based local cache, only valid in browser

// 3MB browser based local cache, only valid in browser

Local cache size in browser

Do not specify too large cache_size value for browser local cache, because browsers have different maximum size limits for IndexedDB and also the local cache is fully loaded in browser's memory when repo is opened. Set it below 5MB for safe and always test different sizes.